Usine de broyeur de silicate Ensemble de concassage de pierre de sable Fabricants de concasseur de roche altérée Sable à arbre vertical faisant la machine pour la poudre de pierre

VSI Vertical-shaft Sand Maker is commonly known as the impact crusher or aggregate shaper. VSI Sand Maker is the fourth generation of high-performance sand-making machine developed by TYM on the basis of introducing advanced German technologies about sand makers and analyzing domestic situations of mining industry.

Working principle:
Material falls the feed hopper, then enters the high-speed rotary sling wheel from center feeding hole, which is speeded immediately in the sling wheel. The speed can reach several dozens times of the gravity acceleration. Then cement sand make machine is thrown from the sling wheel. First, it is crushed with other rebounded material fell freely from the sling wheel. Then both of them are impacted to the material lining (rock-rock) or strike back block (rock-iron), rebounded and stroke to the top of eddy cavity of cement sand make machine in the inclined-up direction. Then it moves along deflection-down, and forms a continuous material curtain with the material from the impellers passage.

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