1400mm 250-300t/H Ruromix 裸石破砕機 粉砕機 製砂機

This kind of crusher can be applied to crush brittle materials with intermediate rigidity such as limesone, asbestos ore, dry coal stone, coal block and cement clinker.

This crusher consists of five parts including electric machine frame, rotor shaft, up-cover, tubular body and base. It revolves itself through main bearing driven by triangle stripes. The working principle of this crusher is: ore enters into tubular body across filling entrance, flows by gravity vertically in which ore receives a series of impact at every vertical division block,in the end, the crushed materials is discharged from exit at the base of it and out of the crusher.

Technical Specifications and Performance

Basic parameters Φ 500 Φ 650 Φ 750 Φ 1000 Φ 1250
Inner diameter and height of crusher barrel mm Φ 5OO×510 Φ 650×830 Φ 750×778 Φ 1000×900 Φ 1250×1235
最大送りサイズ ≤40 50 50 ≤60 80
Material size 5 ≤5 5 5 6
生産能力 (approximately) 1-3t/h 5-9t/h 10-15t/h 12-20t/h 30-45t/h
Rotation speed of vertical shaft r/min 850 960 730 680 420
motor model Y160M-4-11KW Y200L-6-18.5KW Y200L-4-30KW Y280M-6-55KW Y315S-6-75KW
Dimensions (L×W×H) んん 700×800×850 1300×1000×1250 2365×1020×1360 1735×1200×1310 3155×2096×1710
重さ (without motor) 0.7t 1.5t 2t 2.5t 6.35t

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